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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Tower near Airport
Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2007 14:08:14 EST
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Date: Sat, 20 Jan  2007 03:25:36 -0600
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Subject:  [TowerTalk] tower at airport
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I want to put up a 60 foot tower at  32:47:30.797 N, 98:03:28.370.  This is 
1800 feet northeast of runway  13/31 at the Mineral Wells, Texas airport 
(KMWL).  The airport manager,  K5MWL, told me that where I am located anything 
up to 
75 feet in height would  be 'no problem'.  I am concerned about the FCC rule 
about 1 foot of  height for every 100 feet from the airport.  I don't want to 
invest time  and money into the installation only to have the FAA/FCC tell me 
later that I  am in violation.

The way I read the FCC rule in Part 17 (17.6)  of 47 CFR, I need to notify 
the FAA and possibly get a waiver from them to  present to the FCC.  I don't 
fully understand all this. Can anyone tell  me what I need to do?

Richard Allen,  W5SXD

You can check here:  
to see if your tower will exceed the requirements in Part 17.  If it  does, 
you will have to submit a form to do an FAA study and they will determine  what 
obstruction markings (painting and lighting) will be required, if  any.
Don / KW7R


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