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[TowerTalk] LaPort/Radio Antenna Engineering

Subject: [TowerTalk] LaPort/Radio Antenna Engineering
From: "Pat Barthelow" <>
Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2007 15:41:27 -0800
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I had a musician friend, who also happens to buy/sell/trade books visit the 
shack a couple of days back for a ragchew.  I did not know his passion for 
book trading, until he saw my copy of Laport's Radio Antenna Engineering 
book from the Early 50's   qute an nice read for an HF antenna ham 
enthusiasat.  He stopped in his tracks, and apparently knew the book, from 
the title/author and, amazingly the Style of the print, on the Backbone.

He also saw my  Terman books, and had similar reaction.
He, said Laport  was a valuable book, and used his Palm pilot to access the 
web, to come up with a $160 estimated  used value for the book.  I had no 
idea, though I knew it was somewhat collectible.  We shared stories,, and he 
went off to a  book sale at the Sacramento State Library....
Later I got a call.... He Picked up Laport at their book sale(!)  
Synchronicity or what?  Not only that, but it is signed in ink,  on the 
Title page, by Laport....

Anyway,  as a musician, he probably has no particular interest in Rhombics, 
curtains, Verticals, or such, so probably wants to sell it.

I know Laport Exists as a PDF file on the web, but the book is a nice one to 
have... If anyone is interested in one, contact my Musician Friend, Dave,
at  to get a signed copy....

73, DX, de Pat AA6EG;
Skype: Sparky599
Moon or Bust!--Jamesburg Gang Rides Again!


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