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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Tower at Airport
Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2007 21:28:26 EST
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Mike has it right, go to the website. Generally anything close to the  
airport 20 ft above any existing structure or trees with need to be determined  
hazard or non hazard to air navigation. You can actually go to the site and  
the glide slope distances from where your tower will be and it will tell  you 
if you have to or do not have to file. I had to file, I am in the glide  
slope of the last 3000 ft to the runway approach/take off. My aeronautical 
number was 2002-AEA-560-OE, it took about 10 months for them to complete the  
study, I was determined a NON air hazard and they did not require painting or  
lighting. Once this was done I was required to file the info with the FCC, 
you  have too because the FAA sends them the info electronically, I received a 
letter  from the FCC months later asking if the construction was completed and  
what's going on. I entered the info online at the website and was issued  
immediately FCC Antenna Structure Registration number 1236850. You are  going 
need real specs of the position..GPS does not cut it. I got lucky ..I  knew a 
guy at the airport who hooked me up with the Cecil the FAA Control  tower 
manager , who than hooked me up with the OE..Obstruction Specialist  for the 
and he has special software that he can figure out all that bull  crap with a 
7.5 minute map? I think that's what I got and marked where my house  was on 
that map and sent it into him with the forms. Bob his name was and a  nice guy 
too, sent me all the forms and said just sign everything and put  down the 
freqs you will be using and at what powers, and fill out nothing else I  will 
care of it for you. He said tower companies need to hire surveyors to  plot 
the exact position that usually runs into the thousands !!!! Be aware of  this 
! I went thru it all, if you want to know any details just email me, I know  
the facts about this not hearsay. Rotten planes and airports they all should be 
 banned , noise and air polluters that's about it. 
                                     GL 73 Pete NA2P

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