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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Internet Antenna Elevation
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Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2007 12:32:14 -0500
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        Thanks for the replies so far questions have bee asked, so here are
my answers.

1) why not get DSL, Hughes.Net, mobile phone digital
        The local pop density is 7 people per sqr mile so ...

        DSL - I am right on the edge of the phone company service area - the
other side of the street is a different phone company ( if there were any
houses there ) so that have almost no interest in providing DSL service

        Hughes Net - this is my current ISP.  Unfortunately though the peak
bandwidth does approach the 1.5Mb/s service I pay for the long term average
is about 5.1kb/s.  Also as their core network is not IP there is huge packet
fragmentation on the link.  Lastly is the sat delay, about 0.25s per trip up
and back.  When you have to have that delay on a V.P.N. , whilst dealing
with real time application, is it VERY slow.

        Wild Blue - ATM, better for handling IP, however still Sat. delay.

        Digital mobile phone - I am outside the core digital coverage are -
analog only out here

2) Tree grow.
        Excellent point.  The local trees are well established, I am in farm
land, so large trees are not encouraged as they suck too much water and
nutrient.  The local landscape hasn't changed very much in 50 years.  I was
planning on allowing a 10' clearance.

3) Cable loss to the antenna
        The transmitter/receiver and antenna are built as one unit.  I
believe it has an Ethernet interface, and is power by power over Ethernet.

4) ISP install
        The ISP has only been offering the service for 6 months, and they
are not very experienced.  They have only ever installed on eve mounted
antennas.  They are keen to learn, but..  I want to make sure that what they
do is correct!

5) My employer pays..
        They already do,  $25 a month, installation is my problem.

6) Rigging it.
        My hobby (passion) is sailing.  I have worked in boat yards and
rigged many a mast.  I figure loading are likely similar.

My question
As no one is suggesting anything other than a roof guyed pole, what material
should it be made out of?

Glass fiber?
Steel Tubing?
Could I get way with water pipe?

All advice is more than welcome!

Many thanks



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