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[TowerTalk] 80m vertical gain array

Subject: [TowerTalk] 80m vertical gain array
From: Robert Thain <>
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2007 21:41:56 +0000 (GMT)
List-post: <>

I'm looking to install an 80m directional array for
the ARRL contest.

I will be operating from a watertower, which is about
130ft high. (see F6KCP for a photo.)

There is not a great deal of land around the base of
the tower, but I can talk to a neighbour and use his
garden , He is in the direction of the states (Short

I can easily in stall a vertical dipole or sloper. I
was thinking about adding a director or reflector or
both.  Or may be a 2 element phased array.

Whatever it is has to be simple to install and simple
to get working and relatively fool proof. 
I am willing to give spend 1dB in gain for a simple

If I use slopers , is the 'boom length' from the
middle / feedpoint ?

What will be better than just a 1/2wave sloper but
easy to install and get working ?

Thanks and CU on 80m in the ARRL test.

Robert F5VHN (F6KCP) f5VHN(at) (at)=@

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