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[TowerTalk] dx engineering 20DX5 monobander questions

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Subject: [TowerTalk] dx engineering 20DX5 monobander questions
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Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2007 17:48:31 -0500
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I've have owned a number of DX Engineering antennas and I had good results 
with most of them.  The 20m models are built fairly rugged, using a 3 inch 
diameter boom and elements starting at 1 inch diameter, all made using 6061 
aluminum.  They are a simple design with insulated elements using a single 
driven element with a hair pin match.  The 20DX-5 has a 44 ft boom, 13 sq. 
ft windload and weighs 141 pounds.  I found the SWR to be a little high 
(2:1) on their some of their antennas, however if you are willing to give up 
a few dB's F/B ratio you can make minor changes to the first director and 
driven element and have a nicer SWR curve.   Are you having a problem with 
your antenna?

John KK9A

Subject: [TowerTalk] dx engineering 20DX5 monobander questions
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2007 10:47:32 -0500
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I thought Id try this again since I didnt get a lot of feedback on this

Does anyone have any experience with this 20m monoband antenna from DX
Engineering? If you do, Id appreciate hearing your experiences. Has
anyone rebuilt or re-modeled this antenna? Or, does anyone have a
manual for it so I can model it?

Thanks and 73..



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