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[TowerTalk] Ham IV vs. G800SA

Subject: [TowerTalk] Ham IV vs. G800SA
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2007 15:59:05 EST
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Now that I am getting ready to finally get my tower up, I need to get  a new 
rotor and am comparing the Hygain Ham IV and Yaesu  G-800SA.  I would like to 
know what everyones' opinion is of the  two.  I know that they do not have 
the same specs (windload,  effective moment in tower, etc.) but each would 
work fine for what I  need (turning a 3 element SteppIR and 2 meter beam).

So, how do the  two compare for quality, longevity and other characteristics? 
Since I will be buying the rotor new and not used, I would also like to  
know if Hygain's quality has gone down since partnering with  MFJ.

Thanks for any help you can give.

Jon,  N7XW

I  think we have done this before. I would go with the Hygain rotor. No, the  
quality has not gone down since MFJ has taken thrm over if anything it has  
gotten better. You can call and get pats for Hygain rotors or send them to  get 
it rebuilt, try and do that with Yaesu. I had a TX2 rebuilt 3 years  ago and 
it set on the shelf for all that time. I took it down and was  checking a 
control box and noticed that the needle was jumping around. I  sent it back to 
and they replaced the pot at the top of the rotor  because it got corroded 
due to setting in one place  . I  call that good service.
just my .002
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Carlus M. Randy Chavis
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