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[TowerTalk] Tri-Ex HS 588

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Tri-Ex HS 588
From: "charles mcneil" <>
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2007 06:20:47 -0700
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    I am building a wind generator and have bought a Tri-Ex HS 588 tower from a 
neighbor. This was evidently a three section 58' crank-up tower but the top 
section was missing. 
    I want to weld in some support plates in the top and install a 12' piece of 
schedule 40 pipe to set my generator on. the generator will weigh about 250 lbs 
with blades.
    The local building inspector tells me I will have to have an engineering 
report saying the tower can be used for the purpose. I plan to guy the tower at 
20' and again at about 40' but have no idea how guying a self supporting tower 
affects it's wind load capacity.
    Does anyone have any specs on this tower? Anyone have any suggestions on 
how to deal with this problem? I have looked into new towers but quickly found 
out that I would have more money in the tower than I could ever get out of 
Renewable Energy.
    Thanks for your thoughts and time, CHUCK

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