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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Tri-Ex HS 588
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2007 15:13:14 +0000
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     Guying what is supposed to be a self-supporting structure like that is not 
a good idea.  In heavy winds, the upwind guy wire(s) will pull down on the 
structure to keep it upright.  A crank-up tower is held in the extended 
position by steel cables that have a limit on the amount of downward force they 
can resist.  Combine this limited downward strength with additional pull from 
the guy wires and your entire structure could collapse into itself.

     Can you find a wooden pole from your local electric utility or co-op?  You 
should be able to guy this thing - the power companies do it all the time.  It 
should cost less than a tower + concrete + etc.  Or maybe some used Rohn tower 
sections (Rohn 45 ought to work for you here.)  These towers are MADE to be 
guyed and you can probably get some engineering docs from the factory.

     You're finding out something very important about renewable energy:  The 
laws of Economics often conflict with the laws of Physics.  Nevertheless, good 
luck with your project.

Gene Smar

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>     I am building a wind generator and have bought a Tri-Ex HS 588 tower from 
> a 
> neighbor. This was evidently a three section 58' crank-up tower but the top 
> section was missing. 
>     I want to weld in some support plates in the top and install a 12' piece 
> of 
> schedule 40 pipe to set my generator on. the generator will weigh about 250 
> lbs 
> with blades.
>     The local building inspector tells me I will have to have an engineering 
> report saying the tower can be used for the purpose. I plan to guy the tower 
> at 
> 20' and again at about 40' but have no idea how guying a self supporting 
> tower 
> affects it's wind load capacity.
>     Does anyone have any specs on this tower? Anyone have any suggestions on 
> how 
> to deal with this problem? I have looked into new towers but quickly found 
> out 
> that I would have more money in the tower than I could ever get out of 
> Renewable 
> Energy.
>     Thanks for your thoughts and time, CHUCK
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