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[TowerTalk] Was About DX antennas and such

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Was About DX antennas and such
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Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2007 09:32:31 -0600
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John replied:
Actually putting together a good DX station is a little more complicated 
then selecting a good antenna.  The antenna needs to be at the proper height 
for the optimum angle of radiation.  This height varies depending on 
frequency and conditions which is why serious stations have more than one 
antenna.  If your antenna is relatively low, say 30ft, you could make a big 
improvement on 15m and 20m by raising it to 60ft.  FWIW, I have had good 
luck using a Cushcraft A3 on contest DX-Peditions.

John KK9A

John and all..... In my mind, while this may be true, you have to remember that 
DXCC and Honor Roll status, has been worked with small tri-banders on a chimney 
mount or short 30ft tower, not to mention long wires and dipoles. The ham with 
the question is probably trying to put up what fits his budget/lot 
size/zoning/etc. Just trying to do the best with what he's got/gonna get.

To put it in old Drag Racing terms: The only substitute for cubic inches is 
cubic money"..... or  Ya gotta run what ya brung..... 
GL to all
73  K9WN  Jake

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