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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Wire Dipole Meets High Voltage Electric Fence:Keeping the Receiver Happy
From: Jim Rhodes <>
Date: Sat, 03 Mar 2007 10:15:57 -0600
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I have to admit that I moved off of the farm about 50 years ago, but 
it seems to me that we did not electrify the top wire of the fence. 
The electric fence was lower than the top of the fence and located to 
the inside of the posts. The height of the wire depended on if we had 
cattle, hogs or sheep in that pasture. This type of fence would 
reduce the chance of contact as would stringing a grounded wire or 
non-conducting strand above the electric wire in the problem areas.

At 02:50 AM 3/3/2007, Jeff Stevens wrote:
>I'm looking to set up a wire dipole for 40 meters however have an
>interesting problem.  We certainly have the space and structures to put
>together some rather large wire antennas.  The issue is the electric
>fencing we use to section off various pastures for farm animals.
>I'm not so concerned about the noise from the electric fence but rather
>the possibility of a wire antenna coming down on top of an electrified
>fence.  While the fencing runs only a few mA, referenced to earth ground
>it runs about 5000V.  If a wire antenna were to contact the electrified
>fence, I think the transceiver would be quite unhappy.  It doesn't
>matter where an antenna is located on our lot; If it's of any size and
>it comes down it *will* likely contact the electric fence.  Disabling
>the electric fence isn't an option either.
>So, what am I to do?  Is there any hope?  Are there any lightning
>protection products that might be appropriate?
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