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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Electric Fence
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Date: Sat, 3 Mar 2007 20:29:34 -0800
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Same here.  Once our herd of horses got zapped a few times the fence (which did 
cause some RFI) was turned off.  They stay away from it on or off.  Will need 
to activate it again this summer after we turn out a new foal but shouldn't 
need to be on long.
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  How long do you operate at a stretch?  Is turning off the electric fence 
  during operating times impractical?

  I had thousands of linear feet of electric fencing (including, if not 
  especially, the top strand - for horses.)  My experience was that the 
  fence became more of a training device (like the Invisible Fence for 
  dogs) than a deterrent.  After the livestock (and we had all kinds) 
  learned where the fence was - they stayed away.  Even when the fence was 
  off.  In fact, in later years, we had large sections of electric fencing 
  that had become inoperative.  Our critters (the same individuals) acted 
  like it was up and running.  (But, if we through a new guy in, then we 
  had a problem - he didn't know the "routine.")



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