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Re: [TowerTalk] Stacking 204BA's

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Stacking 204BA's
From: "Bob Maser" <>
Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2007 20:45:44 -0500
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I totally agree.  IMHO, my 20M KLM Big Stick at 85 feet was the finest antenna 
I ever owned, right out of the box.  With it, and a legal limit amp, there was 
not a pile up I couldn't bust.  It just got a little bit better when I went to 
the single driven element. I am sure that the effort to convert it made it 
fell, in my mind, that it was better.  A friend of mine on the west coast had a 
NOS 20M Big Stick that I could have bought but with the hurricanes here in 
Florida, I just did not dare put it up.

Bob W6TR
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  Will add that the difference you are indicating is measurable and not 
noticeable in the operating chair.
  I have 20 DUAL driven yagis here and they rock as is!

  Jose - N4BAA

  Bob Maser wrote: 
First of all Bill.  I have no interest whatsoever in covering the entire 
band.  I don't do CW and I don't do maritime nets.  I do ragchewing and 
casual DXing within 25khz of 14.200.  I could care less about the 
broadbandedness of a dual driven array.  Having said that,  according to 
your own data, the single element array delivers more forward gain than the 
dual driven array.  I also have YO, although it is version 6.5 and I am sure 
that I could squeeze more forward gain out of the 10M KLM than you numbers 
show but since I don{t have any interest in 10 at this time, I wouldn't 
waste my time.  And, since I no longer owner the 20M Big Stick, why bother 
with that antenna either.  All I was trying to say was that I found that I 
could get more performance out of my KLM by eliminating the dual driven 
element in favor of a single driven element and since I had nothing else 
planned for the extra element, why not make it into another director. As I 
know you are aware, YO gives one the ability to give relative 
weight(importance) to front to back, gain and impedance, so duplicating your 
numbers would be difficult without knowing what your settings were.

Are you trying to pick a fight with a fellow redneck?

Bob W6TR


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  W6TR wrote:

    I was basing it on my 20M KLM Big Stick, which played better with 4 
directors on a 57'boom.  27.5 feet on 10 is equivalent to 57 on 20.
              What do you mean by "played better"?  Here
are the results of 4M iterations of YO7's model of a
6 element single driven element:

2-stack, 6 el on 27.5' boom, single DE (i.e. yours):

Frequency               28.0            28.4            28.8
Gain                    13.65           13.88           14.00
F/R                     28.40           28.47           27.20
SWR                     1.52            1.25            1.76

2-stack, 6 el on 27.5' boom, dual-driven DEs (i.e. KLM):

Frequency               28.0            28.4            28.8
Gain                    13.40           13.73           13.91
F/R                     26.68           28.01           29.79
SWR                     1.25            1.19            1.24

I could tweak the Gain/F-R/SWR weighting of the latter for more
gain instead of SWR but these antennas are effectively identical
in the real world.  YO7 came up with a close-spaced first
director much like an OWA design for broad-banding.
Practically directors 2-4 are used for purposes of gain and
F/R with the first director being used for broad-banding.

                                73,  Bill  W4ZV 

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