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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] ferrite beads was...Re: [RFI] HIGH POWER and RFI...
From: Chuck Sudds <>
Date: Fri, 09 Mar 2007 10:41:03 -0600
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At 08:03 AM 3/9/2007 -0800, Jim Brown wrote:


I too have experienced my Wi-Fi receiver shutting down because of RECEIVED 
RFI.  I have my Wi-Fi dish mounted on the same tower as my ham 
antennas.  The Wi-Fi dish and receiver and connected via CAT5 cable to my 
home/business some 200ft away.  My coax for my HF and VHF antennas run 
right by the Wi-Fi receiver & dish but are about 75ft above that equipment.

What's funny is the fact that there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason 
for predicting just when the interference will occur.  Sometimes it happens 
when I am on 6 meters running 1200 watts and sometimes if happens when I am 
on 30 meters running 100 watts, but not always in any case.  Doesn't seem 
to matter where my beams are pointed either.

I have thought about encasing the Wi-Fi receiver in a metal box or 
shielding it in some manner and using torrids on the CAT5 
cable?!?!?!!?  Anyway, all I have to do to get it back up and working is to 
power it down and it will come up a-ok. but it's a real hassle when my wife 
is trying to run her business on her computer and I am trying to ham <G>!


>Ferrite chokes can effectively kill common-mode antenna behavior of ethernet
>lines at HF if you use the right materials and wind them appropriately. BUT:
>I've never seen an RFI problem with ethernet systems RECEIVING interference,
>only generating it, and I've run 1 kW in VERY close proximity to my ethernet
>wiring. Perhaps there's enough error correction to prevent data errors when
>RFI occurs.


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