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[TowerTalk] stacking steppIRs

Subject: [TowerTalk] stacking steppIRs
From: Jim Jarvis <>
Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2007 11:54:30 -0500
List-post: <>
This is a tad late, but I've been away.
To summarize what I saw so far on this topic...

The original comment from 3830:
The stacks on 20/15/10 were awesome. Stations often told us we were the
signal from the Caribbean. Signals were typical 2 to 3 S units stronger than
the SteppIR stacks.

Dude - EVERY antenna is a compromise. The MonstIR  is only a 4L antenna
on a 34' boom and of course it too has some design  compromises. It'd be
tough to stack MonstIRs so the stack  will work well on all bands - perhaps
the biggest compromise of  all.
Cheers, Steve K7LXC TOWER TECH


Nobody's gonna call their kid ugly, especially at $2100 a copy.  It will be
interesting to talk to David KY1V.  Bob W6TR


I'm a steppIR advocate.  My 3 element was hands-down the best singly yagi
ever had up.  That said, stacking multiband antennas is, at best, a
K3NA reported his work with kt34xa's at Dayton, many years back.

If it's hard to deal with the 20/15/10 compromise, imagine what goes out the
window when you throw 40 into the mix.  Now, you probably COULD stack 3 of
and get something workable out...but coax losses will become problematic, at

We also don't know about relative heights of the monoband stacks, or the
lengths of
the coax runs, or stackmatches.

In short, stacking antennas which work over 4 octaves, and expecting good
results is
unrealistic, when going from 14-28MHz, just ONE octave, is ALREADY known to
be a compromise.
Has nothing whatever to do with the choice of antennas.

To understand the 2-3S units observed, one would need to understand the boom
and heights of the antennas.

I'm really, really gonna miss the antenna forum at Dayton this year, should
be a
lively discussion.  But we'll be sailing in the carribean.

Jim Jarvis, President
The Morse Group, LLC
We create high-performance organizations.
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