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Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2007 20:19:21 -0400
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My understanding is that EHS is "galvanized steel cable", which is not the
same as wire rope. While they might have the same breaking strength, other
characteristics may be quite different, such as abrasion resistance.

Rohn specs call for EHS, not wire rope. I wouldn't fool around with anything
other than what the spec calls for.

I recently asked whether you can use wire rope with Big Grips and the
consensus was no.

73, Dick WC1M

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I'm going to replace the guy wires on my Rohn 25 tower this spring as part
of a general overhaul. Present cable is 3/16  1X7 wire rope (probably EHS
but after 30 years who remembers?). No insulators were used in the original
installation. That'll be corrected.

Texas Towers sells 3/16 wire rope for $39/100' (probably 1X7 with 3990 lbs
breaking strength). McMaster-Carr sells 3/18 1X19 (4700 lbs) for $38/100.
Both sources are galvanized. Price obviously isn't the deciding factor.

Question: Is the 19 strand stuff easier/harder to work with? Any problems
with weathering, etc? Is there a "mismatch" when using the 1X19 with the
preformed Big Grips?

Question: McMaster also has Stainless saddle clamps cheaper than the galv
ones from Texas Towers. Any problem with the stainless ones?

TIA and 73

Larry K3VX


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