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Subject: [TowerTalk] Input please on Antennas
From: "Stone, Gary R." <>
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2007 09:21:10 -0500
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Hello TT,


I am thinking about doing some downsizing of the station and may be
selling a couple of antennas.  I have not decided for certain but would
really like an honest opinion about their value - and of course I know
that is entirely up to the buyer as to their value but general ideas
would be appreciated.


So, with that said I am talking about 2 antennas.  They are currently on
the tower and would have to taken down and that could be involved with
the price of course - buyer take them down or I pay for removal, etc.
If I sell them I will also be replacing them with one antenna - much
smaller.  Too many reasons to go into here and it is not relevant.  


#1- Optibeam OB17-4, 6 elements on 10 mtrs, 4 elements each on 20 and 15
meters and 3 elements on 40 for a total of 17 elements on a 40 foot boom
- weights about 215 lbs.  There is a minor problem with the 40 meters
(still being used daily) but I have new bolts in hand that I believe
will correct whatever the issue is once it is on the ground.


#2- Force12 WARC-7, 3 elements on 12, 2 each on 30 and 17 meters.  


Both antennas are a little less than 2 years old and both have full
specs on the Internet as they are current products.  The Optibeam would
cost about $4,000 (3,874.00 plus shipping) and the Force12 sells for
about $919.00.


I would appreciate any ideas any of you would have as to the likely
price I might ask for each.  Again, I am not totally convinced to do
this downsizing but for many circumstances that may be the situation.


Gary, N5PHT


work: 903-583-6411




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