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[TowerTalk] Polyrod vs Philly vs 502s

Subject: [TowerTalk] Polyrod vs Philly vs 502s
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2007 15:41:42 EDT
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And I wouldn't use anything but Polygon structural fiberglass  guys.
Non-conductive, stronger than EHS, and more durable than  Phillystran.  JMHO
I've used large quantities of both (and 502 alternative) and am  familiar 
with them.
Strictly for price....Polyrod is a winner
Strictly over the long term....advantage Philly
The problems with Polyrod......
1.  It is more difficult to work with.  Gloves are a necessity if  you don't 
want to pick splinters out of your hands.
2.  Difficult to store.  Two choices here...either you have an 8  foot hula 
hoop or a verrrryyy long piece of Polyrod laying out in the  yard.  
3.  Resistance to sunlight.  In the Florida sun it started to  break down 
pretty quickly, with the outside becoming fuzzy when exposed to the  sun.  I 
no idea how substantial the damage would become over a long  period of time 
in that or any other high UV area.
4.  Difficult to transport if you ever move.  You have to  rewind it back 
into 8 foot diameter coils (splinter  city).  That's not a lot of fun.  I know  
since I did about 3000 feet when I sold it all.  Trucking it on  the back of a 
pickup to Dayton was interesting.  Also when rolling the used  stuff back up, 
it looked as though it was snowing with all the deteriorated  fiberglass 
flaking off.  No such problems shipping Philly to  Hawaii when  I moved.  Roll 
up, and put it in a box.
I have had some of the Phillystran I will use out in Hawaii for over 20  
years.  Other than having to spray the old fashioned potting ends with cold  
galvanizing spray, they are in excellent shape.
Neither of the two fiberglass alternatives are particularly sturdy in  regard 
to abuse.  Philly easily abrades and Polyrod if subjected to a sharp  bend 
will snap
In summary, my choice for non-conductive guys in order of preference:
1. Phillystran
2. Polyrod
3. 502s and short lengths of EHS.  502s are expensive, so are guy  grips.  
But, you will get lots of exercise twisting guy grips..good for the  heart!

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