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[TowerTalk] Tower wench failure - Use a Warn Winch

Subject: [TowerTalk] Tower wench failure - Use a Warn Winch
From: Bob Smith <>
Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2007 18:02:17 -0700
List-post: <>
I've got to second Dwight's mention about using an electric winch to Tilt
the LM-470 from horizontal to vertical and back again.  I also use a
WARN electric (12v) winch to raise my 28' mast at the top of the tower
with the antennas mounted (3 monobanders) to full extension before
mounting the rotor.  A Warn model 6000 winch has a single lead pulling
and lowering capacity of 6000 lbs.  if you use a pulley to double the
capacity you have 12k lbs.  The LM470 weighs 1144 lbs plus the weight
of the motorized winch for raising on the LM470D witch adds about 200
lbs to the total weight of the tower.

I bought a used Warn 6000 winch from a local 4x4 supply store for $200.00,
  mounted it on a stationary stand near the tower , ran battery cables
  to a 12v battery (and for safety I had my vehicle close at hand with
jumper cables to supplement the DC voltage) connected up the remote
control and raised and lowered my LM470D without any problems.
I know they say "don't use it as a hoist", but it sure works, the gear ratio
is about 150:1 for this winch and most 'HOISTS" are 260:1.  The difference
between the Hoist and a winch is usually the winch has a clutch that
will enable you to free-spool the line out, but the hoist doesn't have this
feature for SAFETY.   But , on the other hand I was in the Automobile
business (new car dealer - Chrysler) for 37 years and sold lots of 4x4's
and installed lots of winches.  I've never seen a clutch assy burn up or
fail, but I've seen lots of steel cables brake .  The Warn 6000 winch has
5/16" cable and when raising and lowering my LM470D the winch doesn't
even sound like it's got a load on it, it just goes up and down, where
when i've been in the woods winching a vehicle the winch does let you know
that your overloaded by slowing down or stopping.

To each his own, My M6000 has done a great job of raising and lowering
my tower, (remember it's only 25' in a collapsed position and my 
raising fixture
(home built) is 12' high at the pulley.  So when I'm raising and lowering the
tower i'm pulling at the same height as the center of the tower. It works

my $.02  73

Bob Smith
Fort Bragg, California

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Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2007 15:36:24 -0500
From: "C Dwight Baker" <>
Subject: [TowerTalk] Tower wench failure
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Fellows, get a wench used on the front of a truck or ATV.  I use one and it
is great.  Positive stop anywhere.  Cheap too.  You can get them in AC or
battery powered.  Your friendly Home Depot may carry them.


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