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[TowerTalk] Self Support for wires

Subject: [TowerTalk] Self Support for wires
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Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2007 17:26:33 -0500
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I'm looking to weld together steel pipe to make three self supporting   [flag 
poles]   to hold up a 135' dipole.

The "FLAG POLE"  needs to be 70' tall and set in concrete.    Does anyone have 
the best pipe sizes and lengths per segment
to accomplish this?    I mean the step down sizes and lengths of each segment 
to keep the weight low in elevation and the strength high.

My first thought was to copy the "BIG BERTHA" using much smaller pipe.   Maybe 
start with 6" pipe at the bottom.

Would six segments divided equally be about right?    Or would it be best to 
have the top sections quite a bit longer?

Jerry,   K0GUG

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