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Subject: [TowerTalk] Rohn Crank Up Tower
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2007 14:15:59 -0600
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Well Ken --
I dug around and found an old Rohn dealer's catalog 
stamped July 1, 1971 from back when I owned a ham 
store.  Sure enough they did have a crankup like you 
describe called SD and HD series.  I don't see the words 
spelled out but I would guess that means "Standard Duty" 
and "Heavy Duty."  
It shows the SD series in heights:  37, 54, 71, 88, 105, 
and 122 feet.  The SD1-122G weighted 1675# and list 
price was $2250.  (Darn, why didn't I think to buy one 
back then when the price was down there?)
The HD series was available in:  37, 54, 71, and 88 feet 
models.  The HD3-7-88G weighed in at 1575# and listed 
for the same as the taller 122' SD model - $2250.

Just glancing through the catalog, it looks like there was 
no reference to using these towers in self-supporting 
mode and there are numerous references to how to guy 
them and the guy packages sold for its use.

Again, I hope this helps.
Jim - K5LAD

On 19 Mar 2007 at 11:29, wrote:

> Is anyone familiar with or have information on Rohn crankups?  The
> tower in question is a 3 section crankup that is supposed to be
> similar to a Tri-ex LM354 or US tower HDX-555.  When were these made
> by Rohn?  Does anyone have a brochure, drawings, etc?  Thanks, Ken,
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