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Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2007 15:21:13 -0500
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OK - I have made a few postings about my antennas, etc.  I have reached
a firm decision to downsize quite a bit. 


So, I have 2 antennas for sale.  They are mounted at 80 feet (Rohn45
Tower) (an OptiBeam OB17-4) and 12 feet above that a Force12 WARC7.
They are both current productions and you can read about them in e-ham
reviews and from their respective manufacture pages. 


Here is the selling information:


FOR SALE: I have a less than 2 year old 17 element OptiBeam OB17-4 ($
3,800.00 antenna) on the tower at 80 feet and will sale for $2000.00
FIRM (it would cost you around $4,000 to get a new one here to the USA).
DOWN.  If I have to pay to get it down the price would have to increase.
This is about half the price of a new one - and it is less than 2 years
old.  If you are safely able to deal with antenna removal that is great
- if it has to be hired done that is another matter.  I cannot do the
work physically and I suspect this antenna (215 pounds with 39 foot boom
and 17 elements is too big to try a gin pole).  More on removal ideas


FOR SALE: Force12 WARC7 mounted 12 feet above the OptiBeam, also less
than 2 years old.  No problems at all.  I will sell it for $400.00 (new
is about $990 and usually back ordered).  LIKEWISE,  THIS PRICE IS FOR


Why this crazy offer?  I must downsize and end up with antenna without
the worries.  I want something with a lot less wind.  My other reasons
have nothing to do with the quality of the antennas.  The Optibeam is
good except it has some minor issue that comes and goes on the 40 meter
portion - likely simple to fix when it is on the ground.  The SWR spikes
off and on - mostly it is not a problem and a tuner brings it to 1-1.
Probably a loose bolt and I have a package of new bolts for the entire
beam from Optibeam owner Tom in Germany and Tom feels it is something
with one of the parasitics on 40 meters.


Here is what Jay at Array Solutions says about my Optibeam (and Jay has
been on the tower looking it over):



I will be glad to support your efffort with a good recomendation for
this antenna to any possible customer.  It is a fantastic Yagi.  And the
intermitant 40 problem should be easily found and fixed.




In a little less than 2 years with the Optibeam I have worked:


40 meters: 2900 qso in 221 DXCC

20 meters: 3700 qso in 241 DXCC

15 meters: 700 qso in 142 DXCC

10 meters: 300 qso in 38 DXCC (not been open much in the past 2 years -
or focused on much - but it has 6 elements on 10 meters)


Rick at "Rick's Tower Service" has been here for tower work and he said
he can tram down the Optibeam without problem. 

You can contact Rick at (972) 342-1784 (and Rick is familiar with my
antenna farm).  


The WARC7 is excellent and plays well.  Here is some links for pics:


So, let me hear from you for serious offers.  Removal is an issue and I
will eventually pay to have them removed and increase the selling price.

Because I have a different antenna already purchased to take the place
of these 2 antennas - about 10 square feet total :-)

Contact information:


Gary Stone, N5PHT

work: 903-583-6411 (days)

home: 903-965-7724




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