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[TowerTalk] Final words and thanks on winch failure.

Subject: [TowerTalk] Final words and thanks on winch failure.
From: KT2Q <>
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2007 21:12:07 -0400
List-post: <>

Re-examined the Fulton K1550 winch today and it 
seems to function fine. I thought there was enough 
play on the winch crank shaft (due to a cracked 
bushing) to slip the sprocket out of alignment 
with the pawl.

But after comparing it to the same 1550 winch on 
my raising fixture, they both appear to have the 
same play; not enough to slip the sprocket past 
the pawl, but they  shaft does move.

I spoke with U.S. Tower and Fulton as well as a 
few reflectee's and the concensus was that the 
slip was due to ice build-up on the winch 
sprocket. My best guess is that the exposed 
sprocket teeth were loaded with ice and didn't 
allow the pawl to re-engage after the first click.

I'm not absolutely sure what caused it, but I 
think it's good advice to visually check the winch 
pawl and sprocket for ice or debris before you 
crank it. The usual pulley / cable inspection goes 
without saying.

The good news is that this kind of fall was not 
like a cable break or free-fall. There was enough 
resistance to slow it down so no damage to the 
tower. Hope my mishap helps others to take a 
second look at tower saftey.

Thanks for all the help...

73, Tony - KT2Q


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