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[TowerTalk] winblows vista was - Re: OOPPS! Sorry for multiplee-mails!

Subject: [TowerTalk] winblows vista was - Re: OOPPS! Sorry for multiplee-mails!
From: "Marlon K. Schafer" <>
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2007 20:39:11 -0700
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Yeah, it's a disaster!  As an ISP my phone is already ringing off the hook 
about it.  Software won't run, printers are fubar etc.

I'm telling my customers to NOT put vista on for at least a year.  And even 
then who knows.

If you need a new computer I've found out that the Dell BUSINESS division 
will sell you a machine with XP instead of Vista.

If you insist on Vista there are a few things you need to know.  First and 
foremost, there are 6 (six) versions of it.  Depending on your machine you 
may get versions with less stuff.  To run the full blown Vista well, I'm 
told that you need at least 2 gigs of memory, a duo core processor and an 
above (far above?) average video card.  A large hard drive will probably not 
hurt at all either.

I read an article that said for every dollar you spend on Vista you can 
expect to spend $18 more on other software.  Your printer probably won't 
work etc.  I've heard total cost of ownership figures as high as $200 to one 
(vista is about a $300 program).  With all of the new software, training, 
peripherals etc.

On the up side, Vista is looking like the greatest thing to happen to Apple 
or Linux in this century :-).


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> Damn Windows Vista!  SHOOT ME NOW!!!!
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