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Re: [TowerTalk] Help with Moving a C3

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Help with Moving a C3
Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2007 12:29:33 -0700
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Mark wrote:

> Later this week I'll be moving a C3 from the home of an SK to my  
> QTH.  It is only been up a couple years (and it'll sure look good on  
> my 55' tower!)
> I have a roof rack and can split the elements for xport. But what is  
> the BEST procedure for doing so? I'd like to make as little work as  
> possible on the rebuild end. What tools, rivets, etc should be used  
> for re-assembly?

First, the boom joints will unbolt, so you'll have no trouble there.  
As I recall, everything can be done with 9/16", 1/2" and 7/16" 
sockets/wrenches.  The feed point might require 3/8".

Second, the elements unbolt from the boom (u-bolts).  Number them or 
label them with a "sqeaky-leaky" so you can put them back in the same 

Third, the elements can be disassembled using a sharp 1/8" drill to 
remove the rivets.  Mark the joints you separate, so they can go back 
together the same.  Tape the parts of each element together in a 

When you reassemble, it will go very easily.  A taped bundle = an 
element.  You'll need some new 1/8" aluminum "pop" rivets and a 
puller to reassemble.  Put some NoAlOx or equivalent on each joint 
you redo.

It's easy as pie; I've done several.  

Put the feedline and balun on before you lift it, becasuse the 
feedpoint is pretty far from where the mast will be.

The boom-to-mast plates are wonderful.  There's a big bolt in the 
middle of the mast plate which sticks out.  When you lift the antenna 
up, its boom plate slips right over the bolt, you spin on a nut a 
couple of turns, and then all of the weight is off you.  Then it's a 
snap to put in the other bolts and nuts to complete the attachment.

Good luck, be safe.  It's a good antenna.


George T. Daughters, K6GT


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