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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] ROHN 25G Fold-Over Tower
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Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2007 09:55:04 -0700 (GMT-07:00)
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I went over to look at a Rohn 25 series fold-over tower last weekend at an 
estate sale. The tower is about to be removed by a ham who wants the 25G 
sections, but has offered to give me the fold-over assembly pieces, which he 
doesn't plan to use. This particular tower appears to be the 48' tall version. 
Used 25G sections seem to be often available for just taking down, so with the 
hard to find fold-over section, I hope to put up a 25G fold-over tower later.

This particular tower is missing the winch that lowers the fold-over assembly 
and upper tower sections. Where the winch was supposed to be mounted, the 
fold-over boom section appeared to be permanently locked in place. 

The Rohn catalog and 25G fold-over drawings show a winch that appears to be 
Rohn part number B2503F0. Does anyone have any recommendation for a suitable 
replacement winch that would allow lowering the upper fold-over section? I 
doubt that Rohn has them available anymore, since they no longer make fold-over 
or crankup towers. If available, I'll pass along recommendations to the guy 
removing the tower.


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>Jack, looking at the ROHN catalog I have here, they only show 45G specs for 
>tilt over at the 44, 54, and 64 foot heights. At 64 feet the hinge is 
>positioned at 29 feet. Don't know if this is the max height recommended for a 
>tilt over, as they don't spell that out anywhere. For 44 and 54 feet it goes 
>at 19 feet. It also must be bracketed or guyed at the hinge point. Hope this 
>helps you decide what needs to be done. Larry Albrecht  K0IS 
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