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Re: [TowerTalk] Yaesu G2800 Rotor Calibration Question and Complaint

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Yaesu G2800 Rotor Calibration Question and Complaint
From: Jim Lux <>
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2007 10:51:27 -0700
List-post: <>
At 07:55 AM 3/26/2007, Joe Giacobello wrote:
>Jim, with all due respect and deference to your experience in the 
>industry, the price for the plug penetrates the envelope.  I would 
>have to guesstimate that the cost of manufacture and bulk shipment 
>for the plug is around $1-2 per unit.

Might just be an expensive plug.. you mentioned that someone had a 
source for $7 each in qty 50.. that's a pretty pricey connector, 
regardless.  As you say, most mass produced low power connectors are 
in the sub $1 range in any sort of quantity.  However, there are 
exceptions.. Lemo connectors, while great quality, are also 
expensive, in any quantity. Micro-d multi-pin or twistlock AC 
connectors are also fairly pricey.    Might just be that Yaesu 
happened to choose a connector that's good for them, but not good for 
the aftermarket.

>   A markup of 2300-4700%, barring special situations, is gouging in 
> my lexicon.

>As frame of reference, my experiences with Yaesu's competitors are 
>relevant.  I have received difficult-to-obtain precision metering 
>shunt resistors from Tentec and MFJ and a microphone wind screen 
>from Icom at no charge whatsoever .

Presumably that's something that they hold in stock, and has a very 
low unit cost (assuming they're not something exotic with 5 ppm TC 
and 0.005% tolerance).  But you're right in general.

And for some reason, connectors always seem to be the most expensive 
things.  Probably because they're a higher dollar part to start with, 
they don't use as many of them, they tend to be customized to the 
application.  Consider, for instance, the funky little flat connector 
that hooks the IC-7000 front panel to the main unit.  not only is it 
a weird shape, but the cable connector has to match the latch 
configuration between the panel and base.

>Of course, given that Yaesu USA is in California and given the price 
>of housing, real estate and routine living costs  there relative to 
>most other parts of the country, $48, on further reflection, may 
>have been a bargain. :-)
But of course.. the folks at the Yaesu facility have to uphold their 
standard of living.. Never know when you might Paris Hilton out 
clubbing and she'll want some spare parts for her radio.


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