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[TowerTalk] mystery tower

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Subject: [TowerTalk] mystery tower
From: "Michael J. Castellano" <>
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2007 22:13:16 -0400
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George, I vaguely remember seeing something like this in the service. 

As far as I know (and you know already) it was (is) a rapidl field deployable 
tower, possibly used for the center support for a low wire antennas , such as 
what everyone now calls an NVIS antenna. (I still call it a low dipole, but 
thats another story!) hi hi.

I know people like HyGain, and Sabre made them or something similar to this.  I 
remember HyGain from Viet Nam... but to be honest I dont know if this is one of 
theirs, looks too new. Didya try the Sabre website?

Did I help, or just make things more confusing?  

Anyway, you got yourself a nice tower... 

I would recommend not using the pins, but replacing them with a good quality 
bolt. I never trusted the pins on a long term deal.

Hey... 73 !!!!! and seeya on the bands...

Mike KM1R

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