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[TowerTalk] raiseing a 60' rhon 25

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Subject: [TowerTalk] raiseing a 60' rhon 25
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Date: Fri, 4 May 2007 21:48:26 -0400
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 I was thinking about pulling up a 60'  25g tower assembled.

 I would have the guys attached to the tower (no antennas) but here's the 
catch. I do not want a hinged base. That would mean building a hinged jig at 
the base that would line up the tower legs to the section that is buried in 
concrete then lower the tower down to line up the bolt holes.

 I can figure out how to support the tower during the process using the guy 
wires and a couple of temporary lines to avoid any harmful flexing of the 
tower. However I can not come up with any good way to build the temporary jig 
to line up the base section with the rest of the tower, That's not quite true. 
I can build a jig that would line them up but then I cant think of a good way 
to build one that could lower the sections together that would not be so 
complex that I would be better off building the whole thing with a gin pole.

PS. one funny note:
 My current home is up for sale and I had to take my tower down. There is the 
base with 3 pipes sticking out of it, a 4th pipe in the middle of them (that 
would be for the rotor mast) and 4 yards of concrete under them. I could not 
bring myself to cut the pipes off flush after all that work building it. So now 
there is a round patio table over them and an umbrella that goes thru the 
center of the table into the rotor mast pipe.
 I thought you all may get a laugh out of that....

 Now I have to cut off my guy anchors just below ground level (sigh)


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