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Re: [TowerTalk] Where can I get a *simple* *cheap* anemometer fortower

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Where can I get a *simple* *cheap* anemometer fortower
From: David Gilbert <>
Date: Wed, 09 May 2007 20:14:55 -0700
List-post: <>
I've been using an anemometer made by a company called InSpeed 
( They offer several different systems, but the basic 
cup-type sensor (which they sell separately for about $50) puts out a 
digital pulse once per revolution that is created by a magnet passing a 
reed relay.  InSpeed provides the calibration factor between 
pulse-per-second and windspeed and the anemometer is rated to be 
essentially linear up to 110 mph, so you could build your own simple 
electronics to feed the pulses through a low pass filter and generate an 
analog speed indication.  It's a wired system ... not wireless.

For an additional $50 or so InSpeed sells a computer program that 
accepts the pulsed output from the anemometer via a serial port and 
displays min, max and average over a user definable interval.  The 
program will also datalog (datapoints every interval down to as often as 
once per minute) to a .csv file for storage, or input and graphing by 

The feature that might be most useful to you, however, is that you can 
set an alarm in that program for whatever max speed you want.  If the 
actual wind speed exceeds the preset limit, an output on one of the pins 
of the RS-232 connector is triggered.  I believe that output stays 
triggered until reset, but I don't remember for sure.

InSpeed also sells a version that packages the cup sensor with a 
standard bicycle computer for a simple visual display, since bicycle 
computers work much the same way except with a magnet on the wheel and a 
reed relay on the frame ... InSpeed just uses a different calibration 
factor to make the bicycle computer display windspeed.

I bought the anemometer with the computer program and both have worked 
extremely well for me.

Dave  AB7E

Rick Karlquist wrote:
> I would like to monitor wind speed using a simple
> cup anemometer to determine when it is time to
> crank down the tower.  In looking for anemometers,
> I have only found extremely expensive solutions that
> indicate wind direction as well as speed, and require
> a complete "weather station" in the shack, and even then, no
> analog wind speed output voltage.  All I want is a cup
> assembly connected to a velocity to voltage transducer
> (tachometer sensor).
> I found a source of anemometer cup assemblies at a
> place called Forcefield.  I am about ready to build
> my own anemometer out of an old hard drive motor,
> but I thought I would ask what other people with tower
> anemometers are using (I know you are out there...)
> before embarking on this science project.
> Rick N6RK
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