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Re: [TowerTalk] Question about force 12 c-4

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Question about force 12 c-4
Date: Fri, 11 May 2007 14:39:26 -0400
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I had a C-4 up for about 10 years (in Iowa).  When I built the antenna, I 
wrapped the fiberglass insulators 
in good quality electrical tape.  When I took the antenna down the insulators 
looked in very good condition 
(all rivits were also tight).  I sold the antenna when I moved and the new 
owner put it up without replacing 
anything (a year ago).

He is just as happy camper as I was with the antenna.
  -- Bruce, WA3AFS

On 11 May 2007 at 14:20, k2vi wrote:

> I realize the forch 12 antenna preforms excellent but my problem with
> force 12 is the rivets for the element construction.Also the driven
> element insulator states in the manual it only last 5 years.So what
> you have is a great working antenna that will need attention in 5
> years,This is not a cheap antenna,it cost around 800.00,shouldnt force
> 12 supply an isulator that last at least 15 years? also how about
> doing away with the rivet design,it elongates the holes and you would
> have to drill every single one out.If it were not for theese 2 big
> issues id have one in the air.73s
> anthony K2VI
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