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[TowerTalk] Stroke

Subject: [TowerTalk] Stroke
From: Robert Bogash <>
Date: Fri, 11 May 2007 11:19:13 -0700
List-post: <>
Great story, Roger, if that's the right word.

I'm 63 and have been watching my friends, neighbors, and relatives 
expiring quickly (the lucky ones) or slowly (the unlucky ones) and can 
understand full well your message.  Just today, we are bringing home my 
best friend after 4 months in hospital, during which time he was written 
off by family and medical staff, but literally came back from the dead.  
All of us are just a "Jello slip" away from a whole new outlook on life, 
and you did a great job bringing that reality into focus.

As for me, I don't climb towers because I'm afraid of heights (above 
about 25 feet) - too many ladder and roof falls over the years.  (Not 
afraid of flying heights - been a pilot for 44 years.)  Also, I don't 
have a tower!  So far, all wires and verticals which keep me happy.  
Also, I don't like the looks of towers (WHAT! - why do you subscribe to 
Tower Talk???)  I have a nice place with a great view, and it already 
looks more like Cape Canaveral than I'd like.  Occasionally, I do lust 
after a nice yagi up high, so I draw doodles of low visual impact wood 
power poles or light standards with a hex-beam or some such up about 35 

Keep up the good recovery.



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