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Date: Sun, 13 May 2007 20:31:26 -0400
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The pier pin is hardened steel to the best of my knowledge. Hardware store 
threaded rod is Grade 3.
The pin is the correct way to install a guyed tower and it makes the guys do 
the work and not generate undue stress and potential cracks in the bottom 
section. Ive simply sunk a section in concrete for some light duty installs 
but when serious windloading is planned then the pin is the choice.

Dont ever put a ground rod in the concrete base. A lightining strike can 
easily explode the concrete.


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> Gentlemen:
> I have the Rohn BPC25G, which is the concrete base plate for 25G.  It
> requires a single pier pin, but there are two holes - one in the center, 
> and
> one at the edge of the plate.  I realize I use the center pin, but what
> purpose does the other hole serve?
> The pier pin, Rohn 3/4x12PP, is also a smooth pin, without any other
> features.  There is nothing to hold it in the concrete.
> Would 3/4" threaded rod (material is similar to the pier pin), with large
> fender washers also serve as a better pin - at least there would be
> something to hold it in the concrete.  There is nothing that I have found 
> in
> the Rohn catalog that would provide me guidance.
> I would appreciate your guidance.
> Scott
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