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[TowerTalk] ta 33 conversion

Subject: [TowerTalk] ta 33 conversion
Date: Mon, 14 May 2007 07:54:48 EDT
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I think it might be me several have asked about.  I used TA 33 jrs because 
they were available to me but  sr.s are the same  basicly.
With a 12-14' boom 3 ele. are not practical. However 2 ele. spacing  works 
OK. Use ARRL ant. book or Cebik or W6SAI. I used the split fed driven ele.  as 
Mosley does. I removed the traps and adjusted the lengths. I  prefer  driven 
ele/ reflector design. The 17m ele.s. got a bit droopy so I used a truss  of 
parachute cord. 
It's not a 3 ele Steppir but you can gain an S unit or  two on the rest of 
the pack using whatever ant. they can get the tuner to match  on the WARC bands.
This works with other surplus yagis or quads. An 11m  Moonraker  can become 
several 12m quads/yagis or donor alum. for another  band. The tribander surplus 
traps might become part of  40m rotatable  dipole. Maybe. A 3 ele. surplus 
tribander or 11m yagi  might become a wide  spaced 6m yagi. 
Price a commercial WARC yagi and you may not think home  brewing is such a 
bad idea.


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