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Subject: [TowerTalk] HBDX 48
From: Nick Pair <>
Date: Mon, 14 May 2007 14:47:48 -0700 (PDT)
List-post: <>
Thanks for ideas on getting this bugger down.
I thought about the welding idea first since I am a certified welder on stick 
and MIG/TIG welding and have several welders around here(although none gas 
powered). The problem there is two fold. I can only get a edge weld on the two 
lapped legs which are just thin sheet metal and second the weld will make the 
metal brittle around the weld and could fail with a tubby guy like me (>6 ft 
and 300lbs) thirty two feet above the weld carrying gin pole and tools. Still 
this might be the most doable if I can get my much lighter son to do the 
climbing(he is not nearly as brave at heights as I am).
I can't get a handle on the splint idea.The legs have two rather large bolts 
going through them at this height and the lower section has around a two inch 
taper offset just inches from the upper section overlap end.The closest I could 
get the angle iron on outside would take a 3/8 in shim and the inner over a 
inch to make contact with the legs. The unusual shape of the legs has presented 
many a problem to get around after the failure. If I can figure out how to get 
both bolts out on a leg at the same time and not have it come over on me I'll 
be able to easily splint it. The aluminum stop that keeps the leg from 
telescoping while you are erecting tower has sheared off when the bolt holes 
I would really like to save the top 32 ft to recycle into a home brew hytower 
type vertical.
The antenna on top is a six meter six element home brew on a 24 ft boom which 
has had a couple of elements fail due to vibration at the ubolt holes. Didn't 
put rope dampeners in them but learned a lesson and will do on next ones. I 
thought the vibration frequency would be to high to sustain at wind velocities 
we have here.(mother nature made a fool out of me again)
I may have to weld it together to allow me to get bolts out to apply splint. 
Think that would work guys?

Dreaming of what I will be able to do with the soon to be empty 15,000 Lb base 
in sunny SW WA

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