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Re: [TowerTalk] Got a tower/antenna in a CC&R subdivision?

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Got a tower/antenna in a CC&R subdivision?
Date: Mon, 14 May 2007 19:25:21 -0600
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Tim et al,

It can be very nerve racking to find a newer home, sans HOA/CC&R, affordable 
(affordable is the buzzword) and able to support a modest tower/antenna 
configuration (especially in metropolitan portions of California).

I wanted to stay in California after retiring from Verizon. My XYL, KD6PYK, 
wanted a newer home but not deplete our 401Ks before. In addition, she has 
respiratory issues that were heightened by Los Angeles' premier smog. We 
decided on Colorado and told three realty agents that the home could not have 
HOA/CC&R or anti-tower/antenna ordinances.  

To be sure, we drove through numerous neighborhoods with either a "COVENANT 
PROTECTED" or "A COVENANT NEIGHBORHOOD" sign at the entrance. The agent drove 
past each one. After looking at a plethora of homes, we found "the one." The 
total time was one week and perhaps we were lucky. I went to the City/County 
Planner to insure I would not have problems. Our home is 12 years old, 5,500 
SFT, 1/4 acre, and has nearly all of the amenities XYLs desire. Every home in 
the tract is both unique and a custom build. My modest Hy-Gain HG-54HD tower 
went up in 2005 with a Force-12 C4XLD, plus a sloper, and I am elated. 

For me, it did not make sense to choose a restricted home and hope for the 
best. It may take a lot of patient looking but if one is armed with a highly 
competent realty agent, the desired home can be found. Whatever you do, do not 
compromise or you will be miserable. Good Luck!

Semper Fi,

Tommy - K6YE

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