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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Rohn 45 Unique Installation
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Date: Fri, 18 May 2007 10:15:47 -0700
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I had a TH6 on 60 ft of Rohn 25 up for 3 years in Seattle
on a 30 ft lot.  The guys were at steep angles.
It went through lots of big storms with
no problem.  The guy anchors were screw in earth type and
the "base" was 5 ft of R25 buried in dirt.  One thing
you are suggesting that I wouldn't do is tie guys to the
roof.  They will pull your roof off.  Instead, bend the
guy over the edge of the roof and continue down to the ground to
a ground anchor.  You are of course putting this up without
a permit like I did :-) 

Rick N6RK

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>   Time for me to ask for some advice. I have limited space to put 
> up 60feet of Rohn 45. I intend to put the first section in the 
> ground and then a house bracket heavily fortified at 23 feet. I 
> know that only allows me to do a 40 foot total height without 
> additional brackets or guys. I would like to put up the 
> additional 20 feet, but my guy anchor locations are limited. The 
> angle of a guy to the ground would be pretty steep as I only have 
> about 20+ feet before I am into a drive way vs the 48 feet I 
> would noramly need. The other two can be much less of an angle if 
> I tie them into my roof which is at approximately 30 feet. The 
> problem with the two sides that would go to the roof is that I 
> can not get the spread to give me the 120 degree angle between 
> the guy wires. My question is this....can I put this up and feel 
> confident it will stay there. It will be tied into the house very 
> well...just can't get all the guy wires at the normal angles and 
> the 120 degree spread. 
>  Looking for your advice on feasability and what are the best 
> anchors to use on the roof or in the gable ends.
>  Bob WV0C
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