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Subject: Re: [RFI] [TowerTalk] 115 KV Lines
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Date: Wed, 23 May 2007 13:37:06 -0400
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Ask the constituent service person at your Congressman's
office for help. They will know who has the clout to get
these people's attention.

If you have an active State Attorney General they might
cite them for creating a public health hazard, the US
Attorney General's office might cite them for violation
of Federal Regs and International agreements not to jam
public broadcasts, and their stockholders might complain
about wasted money.

Inquire of a local AM station that has some resources
devoted to solving problems - perhaps one that is affiliated
with a TV station that does investigative reporting.

It would be fun to watch what happens if a TV station starts
hassling the power folks about illegally jamming an AM
station, creating an electro-magnetic hazard, and
wasting needed power generation resources.  :-)

You never know who will respond so you tweak everyone
and hope that at least one will help you out of "enlightened
self interest".

That is how one deals with bureaucracy.

> Down here in Arizona, APS (AZ Power System) could also take some
> lessons from NYSEG. There are continuous MILES of leaky lines which
> are so bad, the noise drowns out my car's AM radio and I have a tough
> time on both xmit and rcv on my 2m rig. I don't do mobile HF, but I
> can only imagine what it would sound like on SSB. There is a main HV
> (550kv? 750?) line about 1/2 mile south of where I live in the desert
> in winter. There's apparently an insulator leak which sparks on the
> few occasions when it rains or if the humidity happens to reach 50%
> (with a high dew point), so the noise is intermittent. I'd complain,
> but this line is the main feeder from the huge Palo Verde Nuclear
> Generating Station (west of Phoenix) to southern California and I'm
> not quite up to doing battle at a nuclear level. I've tried a little
> RFI direction-finding, but the lives are well fenced off and I'm not
> into driving my Jeep across no-trails private and BLM land. I've been
> able to filter out some of the RF I through an expensive combination
> of common mode and line filters, but the noise is so pervasive (worst
> on 20m, of course, the only reliable daytime band these days) I just
> turn off the rigs, read a good book, and wait for the sun to come
> out. :-D
> 73 de Fred K2FRD
> At 11:15 AM -0500 23/5/07, Bill NY9H wrote:
>> too bad ComEd / Exceleon  (Chicagoland) can't adopt some of the
>> user friendlyness from NYSEG....
>> ComEd blatantly ignored the ARRL , the FCC & me but dramatically 
>> awoke to the ICC Illinois Commerce Commission's call. This on  LV 
>> distrib issues.
>> on 115 .... I'll NEVER forget driving thru the Florida Keys !!!  In
>>  Marathon, FL the hi tension stuff  was LOUD non stop  hum  buzz
>> snap crackle & pop and more hum as the humid ocean air got to the
>> lines.  ,,,
>> bill


Thanks! & 73, doc, KD4E
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