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[TowerTalk] HB9CV design

Subject: [TowerTalk] HB9CV design
Date: Wed, 23 May 2007 21:53:58 EDT
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I am looking to design some HB9CV beams primarily for 6 meters.  I have found 
a few websites which have been informative, and some antenna models which 
have helped as well.  

The only problem I am having is understanding how the antenna works due to 
the fact that it seems the driven elements are not insulated from the boom.  In 
fact, one website specifically says to leave the elements un-insulated.

I am sure the design is good and all, but I am just not sure how having the 
boom grounded to the shield, and then the elements uninsulated and hooked to 
the pin works electrically.  Obviously the antenna works becuase they have been 
built/produced with this method.  I am guessing the answer has to do with the 
element phasing or matching...perhaps?


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