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[TowerTalk] 2 questions

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Subject: [TowerTalk] 2 questions
From: "Gregg Seidl" <>
Date: Thu, 24 May 2007 20:18:21 -0500
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First:what really happens if you feed 2 tribanders that aren't the same with 
a Stack Match type box?I have a Skyhawk(new) which is going to replace my 
A-3 on my 70 foot tower.While I'd love to buy another Skyhawk and put up 
Rohn 45 tower it just ain't happening.I already own a Comtek Stack-2 so I'm 
thinking just mount the A-3 at 35 feet pointing toward Europe and put the 
Skyhawk on top on the rotor and use same length feedlines from antennas to 
box.I think the antennas both have the driven elements at the boom to mast 
junction,meaning they should be close to being in phase.I'm not sure how 
important that really is because I have 2 6M-7JHV's stacked.One is on a 
swinging gate it is NOT in line with the other one but it still seems to 
work great,as a matter of fact I'm going to 3 6M-7JHV's after Field Day is 
done with the bottom 2 on swinging gates.I already own the hardware to do 
this so it looks like something that wouldn't cost me any money.Which is 
good because my radio budget is shot to )&%$ for this year!!Any ideas would 
be great,I was amazed at what 2 6 meter beams on seperate rotors did even 
though I have used stacked vhf beams for years.I want to try tribanders now 
without spending a lot of $$ which I can't right now.
    2nd question:I want to make my tower climbing safer.I use a linemans 
belt with a strap around the tower.That leaves me not fastened while 
climbing,not good.I'm not sure of the proper terms but I want a way to be 
attached at all times.I think I need a D hook on my chest with a strap with 
3 hooks on it,one for the harness and 2 for the tower so that as I climb I 
would ALWAYS be connected.Does anyone understand what I 'm trying to get 
at?Also,how do hook on when your standing on the top thrust bearing plate 
and your looking at your mast,do you attach a couple of U-bolts with a hook 
in between to hook onto or....?I love climbing and I continue to learn how 
to get antennas up by reading the posts on here.No one I know around here 
really does any big antenna projects so I haven't had the chance to learn 
some the tricks.I will get to learn some this year as I pulling up a 2 
element shorty 40 and of course the Skyhawk which are the biggest I've put 
up.The A-3 is little and was easy.The 6 meter beams were also easy,all vhf 
antennas are easy though we'll see about the 2M-8WLHD I got coming!Any help 
or ideas would be great! Thanks in advance    Gregg  K9KL 


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