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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] 2 questions
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     See below.

73 de
Gene Smar  AD3F

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Subject: [TowerTalk] 2 questions

>    2nd question:I want to make my tower climbing safer.I use a linemans
> belt with a strap around the tower.That leaves me not fastened while
> climbing,not good.I'm not sure of the proper terms but I want a way to be
> attached at all times.I think I need a D hook on my chest with a strap 
> with
> 3 hooks on it,one for the harness and 2 for the tower so that as I climb I
> would ALWAYS be connected.Does anyone understand what I 'm trying to get
> at?Also,how do hook on when your standing on the top thrust bearing plate
> and your looking at your mast,do you attach a couple of U-bolts with a 
> hook
> in between to hook onto or....?I love climbing and I continue to learn how
> to get antennas up by reading the posts on here.No one I know around here
> really does any big antenna projects so I haven't had the chance to learn
> some the tricks.I will get to learn some this year as I pulling up a 2
> element shorty 40 and of course the Skyhawk which are the biggest I've put
> up.The A-3 is little and was easy.The 6 meter beams were also easy,all vhf
> antennas are easy though we'll see about the 2M-8WLHD I got coming!Any 
> help
> or ideas would be great! Thanks in advance    Gregg  K9KL

The three-hooked strap you're referring to can be seen here: .  I bought one of these last 
year.  It includes a shock-absorbing section that unfolds by pulling against 
stitches in the fabric if you should fall off the structure.

I would suggest using this with a full-body harness with a hook in the 
middle of your chest, such as my petzl 8003 found at
My positioning belt and strap are by Buckingham ( ). 
My strap is their P/N 346099E 
, and my belt is similar to their P/N 1988 .

Regarding hooking on to your mast when atop the bearing plate of the tower 
(or higher), I would suggest using steel steps , ST-12, u-bolted to the mast, and tying 
above them with your fall arrest hooks.  Use a short strap or rope lanyard 
to clip your positioning belt onto the mast itself.  If I can get up the 
courage, I plan on doing this to climb my mast and replace some antennas 
this summer.  (But don't count on it just yet.)

73 de
Gene Smar  AD3F

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