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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] RE : tubing vs pipe
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I've always understood the difference, but a quick search on Google provided 
an excellent tutorial:

A pipe is a vessel, a tube is a structural element.

Pipe is measured ID because, as a vessel, it is the space available for what 
it is holding that is important. Pipe will have a constant ID despite wall 
thickness. Tubing will have a constant OD despite wall thickness.

Google 'difference between pipe and tube' for more info.

73, kelly

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Hello All,

I followed this discussion with some interest because untill today I never
heard about a difference between TUBE and PIPE ! So I had a look into some
dictionaries. First the online Cambridge dictionary, they dont make any
difference, a tube is a pipe and a pipe is a tube....!!!!Second I tried a
french dictionary, since the french language is closer to the english
language then dutch, seems neither in french or dutch they define   any
difference .........But mamby I consulted the wrong dictionaries........
An other question, a PIPE or a TUBE could it have an other shape then
circular, if so how do we call it?

Jos on4kj

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>  This is the first time I've heard anything to be defined the  way you
it!! The difference between pipe and tube is how it's made  - not how you
measure it or what you use it for.

    Actually you couldn't be more wrong. Several  people have correctly
stated the differences in very specific terms. THAT'S  the truth.

Steve     K7LXC
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