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Re: [TowerTalk] 4el Steppir vs. OB-16-3

To: "Mike Fatchett" <>
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] 4el Steppir vs. OB-16-3
From: "Tadej Mezek, ve3/s51ta" <>
Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2007 23:51:22 +0000
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It is true there are 8 elements on 10m meters, but they are there because of
the element-band interactions not because that would provide us more gain or
make a better antenna :)
Separate feedlines in this era are under my opinion not any an big issue any
more as firstly even with one feedline you can work full SO2R (some state of
the art filters can do that easily......)....secondly in multiple stack
array (let's assume you have 3 steppir's....with proper switching you always
have at least one antenna into 2nd radio......

So the only issue is the performance/reliability?

Thanks for answer


On 6/1/07, Mike Fatchett <> wrote:
> The OB-163 has 8 elements on 10m.  Does not have any elements for 17 or
> 12.
> It is very large.  I believe the SteppIRs do so well because there is not
> all that other aluminum sitting out on the antenna. The SteppIR also
> allows
> you to use bi directional mode and flip 180 degrees in just a few seconds.
> You can add 30/40 elements to the SteppIR and have 6-40m on one antenna.
> This might be good for some.  Others might want separate antennas for SO2R
> or separate feedlines like the C31 can provide.
> There is no right answer here.  How you operate and your expectations
> should
> be the driving forces in your decision.
> Mike W0MU
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> Subject: [TowerTalk] 4el Steppir vs. OB-16-3
> HI
> I know this is an old many times overchewed question (hope it will not be
> the same with answers :) ) but still.I've read all previous posts on this
> thematic but can not see the whole picture yet. Many talks with no final
> conclusions were made, not as clear as for 4el steppir vs. c31xr where we
> know who te winner is (4el steppir). I think different presentation of
> antenna data (as it was many words about tbhis) should not be the only
> reason why conclusions were not made yet. Might be that the antennas are
> practically working the same, so it all depends what you are looking for
> and
> which design you like more?
> So what are you suggesting? Stacking steppir's or stacking OB16-3?
> OB's are hard to rotate on tower if one uses side mount (so ring roto is
> must), but there is no mechanical issues regarding motor failiures...
> >From what I've heard so far from people arround all except one (which
> >had a
> 4 el steppir stackw which did not play as he expected) would choose
> steppir.....some had OB's B4.
> So which antenna would you put on, or you have.
> I am looking for arguments which could lead to a final decision!
> Let's face opinions
> Cheers,
> Ted, ve3/s51ta
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