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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Yagis
From: "Richard (Rick) Karlquist" <>
Date: Sat, 2 Jun 2007 18:54:41 -0700
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> I've decided to make my 5 element HyGains into 4 element 
> antennas. This will just be a search and pounce system for 

The funny thing about HyGain and most other manufacturers is
that 20 meter beams are relatively close spaced and 10 meter
beams are wide spaced.  Thus a 10 meter 4 element beam could
easily have a boom as long or longer (in terms of wavelengths)
than a 5 element 20 meter beam from the same manufacturer.  For example,
the M2 4 element 10 meter beam is on a 24 foot boom.  This would
be 48 feet on 20 meters.  Yet the M2 5 element 20 meter beam
is on a 44 foot boom.  And the Hygain 5 element 20 is on a 34 foot boom.
Seems to me that you will not miss the 5th element at all.
You do need 4 elements not 3, however, to get the most from
a 34 foot boom.

Rick N6RK


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