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Hi Ron......
Last year I tried the exact thing you intend to do.
The developer of the subdivision allowed me to reword certain paragraphs of
the CCR's and he personally went to each homeowner and they signed off
agreeing to change/amend the CCR.
There was no HOA.
I signed the contract for the lot I was to build on with the contingency
that there would be no legal problems with the revised CCR's.
During the course of completing the deal, the real estate lawyer advised me
that even though all owners and developer had signed off, the change still
would not be legal because the homeowners AND the developer were still
carrying mortgages and the likelihood of the mortgage holders signing was
far, far less than zero.
The reason they won't sign is anything that could be perceived to cause a
loss in value or less gain in value no matter how remote or how small would
never be agreed to.

So.....I got my money back and the $250 for the lawyer was very well spent.
I kept looking and found this nice 5 year old place on 10 acres and I can do
whatever I want.
No subdivisions for me........EVER!

You are going to have to find a stand alone property if you want to do any
hamming anymore.
A lot of folks won't agree with me but trust me.....I spent over 1 1/2 years
trying to find the right spot driving almost 50,000 miles during the
This is recent too....just last July.

Good'll need it.


Dave Harmon
Sperry, Ok.

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I understand that one of the seminars at 2007 Dayton was a presentation 
on current CCR approvals and success stories plus there was a hand out 
on recommendations for sales contracts and deed restriction modifications.

Does anyone have a copy of that handout or know where it can be found on 
the Net?

Will be offering up soon a sales contract and have received approval for 
an antenna (Includes Tower) on my future property, got approval from 
neighbors.  The developer and the builder and they have agreed to modify 
the current CCR's for me.  Want to do it right and avoid problems down 
the line.

Also looking for recommendations on a crank up / tilt over tower up to 
say 55feet.  Wind zone is 75 MPH and I plan on a SteppIR plus a 144/432 
beam on top.

Thanks in advance for your help


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