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Re: [TowerTalk] Blower wiring puzzle with EBM PABST

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Blower wiring puzzle with EBM PABST
From: Ian White GM3SEK <>
Reply-to: Ian White GM3SEK <>
Date: Sat, 9 Jun 2007 09:02:56 +0100
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Bill Turner wrote:
>I just received my nice new EBM PABST blower from Newark, very fast
>shipping by the way, but there is a problem.
>This is really dumb. How do you hook it up? Don't laugh till you hear
>the details. There is no sheet with it, nothing on the EBM PABST web
>site and a google search for European motor color code found nothing.
>Several dealers have links to the factory data sheet, but that shows
>only dimensions, not hookup.
Another place to look for the EBM Papst data sheet is (an affiliate of Newark).

Oh... see what you mean... no electrical data and no performance data 
either. Completely useless.

>So maybe someone here knows. There are three wires, none of which is
>connected to ground (the frame). Are two for the AC and one for a
>starting capacitor? Not a clue anywhere on the unit.
>Here are the resistance readings:
>BLUE TO BROWN = 70.8 ohms
>BLACK TO BROWN = 211.8 ohms
>BLACK TO BLUE = 41.3 ohms
Those don't seem to add up correctly. Is there a 100-ohm typo somewhere?

>So what goes where? AC between blue and brown and capacitor from black
>to one of the others? And of course, what size capacitor?
European standard colours for single-phase mains wiring are brown = live 
(phase), blue = neutral.

In your blower, it looks like brown-blue is winding 1, and brown-black 
is winding 2. The start of winding 2 is internally connected to the 
brown wire (some motors bring that connection out on a separate white 

On a very similar blower here, the connections are:
Brown = mains live
Black = mains neutral and capacitor
Blue = capacitor (other side)

The capacitor value could typically  be anything from 1-4uF. This blower 
has "1 MFD" marked on the label but I'm using 1.5uF with no noticeable 
effect. In the UK, suitable mains-rated caps are known as "motor run 

I hope that's enough information to get you going, Bill.


73 from Ian GM3SEK

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