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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] bolt holes
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Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2007 11:56:45 -0400
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Some important things about bolts and ROHN 45.

If you purchased the tower new or its never been assembled, those towers 
come complete with the bolts packed in plastic bags  (inside the tower 
legs).  Always check the inside of the legs before assembeling one as has 
already been mentioned.  IF you use the bolts intended for the tower, "they 
won't fit" right out of the package.  NEVER drill out the bolt holes to fit. 
This breaks the galvanizing and becomes a point for rust to start. Instead, 
use a "Taper pin punch" (as recomended by ROHN) and drive it in to open the 
hole to the point where the bolt is a tight fit. Do not leave the holes 
small enought that it requires "screwing the bolt in". This too will damage 
the galvanizing.  Be sure to use all of the proper washers as well. Don't 

If you really don't have them, sources for the proper bolts have already 
been listed so I won't go there.

Although I use high quality Stainless Steel nuts, bolts, and washers I don't 
recommend them as they take additional care to use compared to the ones 
provided.  SS nuts tend to become part of the bolt over time unless you use 
an anti-seize compound and this makes it easy to over torque those nuts and 

One very important item, read the ROHN catalog. It contains a lot of 
information properly installing towers. (just about every thing you need to 
know including engineering figures)

Good Luck,

Roger (K8RI)
> My Rohn 45 sections have two holes in each leg, one large and one small. 
> Why is that? Should I get bolts for the smaller, the larger, or both? 
> Thanks.
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