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[TowerTalk] Circuit for SteppIR controller?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Circuit for SteppIR controller?
From: "James C. Garland" <>
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2007 08:08:33 -0600
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Is the schematic for the steppIR controller circuit available anywhere?  I'd
like to take a look at the driver circuitry. From the discussion, it sounds
like SteppIR is using a standard H-bridge  bipolar stepper driver IC. In my
experience, those work well for stepper motors that are part of a closed,
localized instrument. But I'd think something more robust, possibly with an
optically coupled output stage, would be helpful for long cable runs and
potentially varying load requirements. 


I also understand that it's good not to put a lot of electronics out on the
tower, but it's also asking for trouble to run a sixteen conductor cable out
to a tower. Some sort of serial interface with a decoder at the antenna
might eliminate a lot of these kinds of problems. How about an optical fiber
for the control cable? Then all one would need is a 24V power source at the
tower and there would be no worry about lightning problems.




Jim W8ZR


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