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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Long Conduit
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Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2007 14:12:44 -0400
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>> No doubt that some folks have gone  to great lengths re: moisture in
>> long runs of coax in PVC, et al.
> A reasonable slope, sufficient space with all cables pulled to
> allow for good airflow, and a way to force air through it as
> necessary and you are good to go.
>> In preparing for my 100 foot run,  my electrician advised that even
>> in this dry climate, do not bother with  weep/drainage holes in the
>> PVC; all long runs will have moisture.
>> Wonder if that is like the Army  Corps of Engineers:  All levees will
>> fail, sooner or later!  Warren;  W7WY
> Sure, but unlike New Orleans where local politicians diverted funds
> from the levees to parks and short-cut the quality of construction,
> if you build 'em right they will do the intended job for a very
> long time!
> Ask the experts in Holland!

Those too have failed at  least once with disasterous results.

> Same with buried PVC for cables - ask the folks who have done
> it successfully - and have learned from their prior mistakes!
I've added a photo showing part of the underground run exposed during 
basement work and no, it doesn't really slope up as it appears in the photo. 
However that end now has a sweep L that does go vertical. The conduit was 
adjusted to give a slight  tilt when we back filled.  Air flows freely 
through it and condensation has never been a problem.

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