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Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2007 15:30:37 -0400
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> I was looking at the first picture from the link you gave. 
> I need to do
> something similar in the next month or so.  I'll be 
> running 2 or 3 runs of
> 4" PVC drain pipe from the house to the tower and pulling 
> 7/8" hardline.
> With your conduit coming out of the ground at an upward 
> angle, how do you
> keep water out of the pipe?

My manhole in the yard is in a low spot and has an open 
bottom with gravel. The conduits all slope down to it.

Where they don't do that, like in the island to the 
building, I drilled drain holes in the pipe and set it on 
gravel. Other pipes are the same way, either open at a low 
spot or with drain holes in low spots. You can see I mostly 
cut a "hood" with an angle cut. I have to go back and finish 
a few like that, but in the mean time I don't seem to have 
any water problems. I also pull flooded cables, ones with 
goo inside, or use hardline. The 5/8th inch (50 ohm) 
hardline and the 50 ohm that looks like RG8 are flooded 
cables, but the rest are just normal heliax and are never a 
problem even when directly buried.

73 Tom 


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